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College or university students may sometimes encounter a chance to write an essay on the topic of death penalty. Such essay may be assigned as a part of a home-take assignment, specifically for students studying law, ethics, and some adjacent disciplines. Still, a death penalty essay may also be assigned within the realm of some essay competition. Whatever the reason is, keep in mind that this essay belongs to the argumentative writing type in the majority of cases.
Before you start writing the death penalty essay, you need to plan the process a bit and decide how you will structure the essay, and what ideas you may add. In general, when working on the topic of corporal punishment (it is the other name for death penalty), you need to decide on the purpose of writing: whether the essay will be purely argumentative or persuasive. In some cases, this topic may be presented in an analytical essay or even in the opinion essay. Actually, what will help you choose the essay type is the very essay prompt or paper instructions you get from your professor. If you are majoring in Philosophy, English, Law, Criminal Studies, Ethics or Criminology, such essay topic may be assigned to you from time to time.

What Is Death Penalty Essay?

The main idea of a death penalty essay is to provide arguments for or against corporal punishment. The essay as such may be simply centered on providing balanced arguments on a certain standpoint or it may also include the writer’s opinion on the topic, or it may have the purpose of convincing the target audience in the correctness of one specific stance.

So, if you are assigned this writing assignment, provide yourself an answer to the question how to write death penalty essay? First of all, you need to understand what you need to discuss when you are writing on the topic of death penalty. Its main idea is that the punishment for a criminal is presented in form of a death penalty – where a person is killed and it is considered as a punitive measure of his/ her wrongdoings. In different countries across the world, there are different viewpoints on this issue. Whether it is surprising for you or not, but the majority of countries have abolished death penalty as a way of punishment as it is considered inhumane.

However, some people claim that in severe cases when the crimes are really deadly and serious, such way of punishment is just the thing. Such criminal actions as rape, genocide, murder, and other capital crimes are considered to be those deserving this punishment. It is interesting to note, but in the majority of Asian countries, death penalty is the operating way of punishment, and China is considered to be one of the most active proponents of death penalty.

Top 10 “For” Arguments That Can Be Used in a Death Penalty Essay

  • Death penalty is definitely a way of saving taxes, whereby the money is otherwise spent on the maintenance of criminals.
  • Innocent people as well as the victims of the criminal are devoid of the chance to encounter the criminal again and again.
  • A wrong person could hardly ever be executed – the chances are really slim.
  • This is the means of granting victims an instant justice.
  • Death penalty is effective when it comes to crimes against humanity, humans’ freedoms and rights, and overall safety.
  • The corporal punishment is enshrined in the Constitution.
  • The available option of capital punishment decreases the chances of repeated crimes.
  • Death penalty is an effective deterrent for continuous crimes.
  • Capital punishment costs less than life imprisonment.
  • Death penalty proves to be really hard on crime.

If you are a seasoned writer who is good at any topic, providing your opinion on death penalty essay will not be hard. As soon as you start developing your writing ideas one by one, your essay will be concisely developed. It is also recommended to investigate different aspects of this subject area in order to come up with the most interesting and appealing topic for you and your target audience.

Top Death Penalty Essay Titles

  • Discuss and analyze the most controversial death penalty cases that took place in the USA.
  • Where has the death penalty idea originated from?
  • Corporal punishment issues in Texas.
  • Can death penalty be justified?
  • Death penalty is immoral: agree or disagree.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of corporal punishment.
  • Arguments against capital punishment.
  • Arguments for capital punishment.
  • Deliver a short speech on the topic of corporal punishment.
  • Write a persuasive essay on the topic of capital punishment.
  • Provide convincing examples on why death penalty should be abolished.
  • Provide a convincing essay in what cases it is a good idea to initiate corporal punishment.
  • What is most effective about the death penalty?
  • Different sides of the death penalty dilemma.
  • The core problems beyond the death penalty system.
  • Investigate the death penalty issue in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.
  • Would it be a good option for the UK to reintroduce capital punishment on the governmental level?
  • What criminal actions warrant for the infliction of capital punishment?
  • Provide a comparison and contrast essay on the capital punishment policies in the USA and in Canada.
  • Capital punishment in the UAE.
  • The role of death penalty in the period of corruption, discrimination, and police violence.
  • Sharia Law and its role in the death penalty.
  • The main benefits of death penalty.
  • What methods of execution are used during the death penalty?
  • What countries have abolished corporal punishment and why?

Composing a Death Penalty Argumentative Essay

Like any other essay of persuasive or argumentative nature, a death penalty paper needs to have a death penalty essay outline. Any outline serves as a roadmap or the ideas that you want or need to develop throughout the paper. For example, if you need to focus only on positive aspects of corporate punishment, you need to come up with a pro death penalty essay outline. Keep in mind that the outline is written after you have chosen and approved the topic. The outline will help you know not only how to begin the essay but also answer the question “how to end death penalty essay?”

If you have no specific paper requirements, you need to follow a five-paragraph essay structure. The death penalty essay introduction should be brief, concise, and clear. You are strongly advised to provide the ideas in a comprehensive way and set the background. At the end of the introduction, you need to put forward a thesis statement, where you clearly state the main argument.

When developing the body paragraphs, make sure that each paragraph is devoted to one idea. Ensure transitions between different ideas and paragraphs. Make sure you not only provide claims, arguments, and statements but that you add supporting evidence and examples.

How to provide conclusion for death penalty essay? First and foremost, the death penalty essay conclusion should be informative and clear – it should wrap up the ideas expressed throughout the paper. In the conclusive paragraph, please re-emphasize the most important aspects.